Kangaroo Paw Designs

Welcome to Kangaroo Paw Designs! I am a wholesale designer of hand painted needlepoint canvases. We are a wholesale company, whose designs are available through fine needlework shops nationwide.

You might be wondering, what is a kangaroo paw, and what does it have to do with needlepoint?

When I started this company, I wanted to honor my parents, who always strongly encouraged anything creative and artistic. My mother is a native of Australia, and the Kangaroo Paw is actually a flowering plant native to Western Australia. Its bright green and red colors happen to also be the symbolic colors of Phi Kappa Psi, my father’s college fraternity. My father was always passionate about the benefits of Greek life, and that in part spurred my desire to start designing, and become licensed for, original and unique sorority and fraternity needlepoint.

While I have recently branched out to designing other fun things to stitch, I have stayed true to my roots, and am proud to continue to offer Officially Licensed Sorority and Fraternity designs for 26 national organizations—including, of course, Phi Kappa Psi!

To see what my line is all about, please check out “Our Products” below, and have fun exploring my site. Then reach out to one of our retail needlework shops to create your own needlepoint keepsake.

Thank you for visiting!

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